Feb 24, 2011

from snow to sun

That’s Texas for you. We were digging ourselves out of snow just a few weeks ago and now we are out riding bikes. Cole received this tricycle from his nana and grandpa for Christmas a year ago, but his sweet legs were just a little too short. We decided to try it out again and his legs reached!!! Unfortunately it’s very easy to tip over so Cole has to be really careful. We also have a kettler tricycle that was given to us from a LP family in the area, but Cole can’t reach the pedals yet. We had fun trying to teach him how to pedal his legs, but he didn’t quite get it. He had more fun having daddy push him around.IMG_9004IMG_9010IMG_9020

Blakey even got a little ride in the car. Cole had so much fun pushing his little brother around the patio. I love the sound of these brothers playing together. It’s so sweet.IMG_9037IMG_9059

3 sweet comments:

Melissa Swartley said...

How cute are those pics!!! Love the one of the two boys and Blake's expression! Adorable!!!

Porter Carroll said...

I LOVE the picture of Cole pushing Blake! So precious! We should meet at the park soon! :)

Greene Family said...

Oh my - that picture of Cole pushing Blake in the car . . . too cute!! Yay for Cole being able to reach the pedals on his bike this year! Simon was so excited that he could reach the pedals on his tricycle this past Christmas.