Feb 3, 2011

ice storm of 2011

We have been "iced" in for the past 3 days here in Dallas! I've never seen this city shut down like it has before. Usually when they say we are going to get bad weather it means a few hours of snow and then the sun will be out the next day. Not this time. On Monday the news warned us and so while Cole was at school I headed to the grocery store to stock up on meals for the week. I'm so glad I did because it's like an ice skating rink out there! The storm hit Monday night  and when we woke up there was "snow" everywhere only it wasn't the fun snow you can play in...this is cold, hard ice and it's FREEZING out there!! With the wind chill they say it feels close to 0 degrees. On Saturday it was nearly 80 and today 17...I just don't get it. Brooks still goes to work everyday to open the gym up. The crazy people can't go to work and the schools have all been shut down, but they still manage to make it to work out. The boys and I have been enjoying our time together. I'm a little ready to get out of the house, but it's warm in here and we have plenty of food so we are happy!IMG_7603

IMG_7574 copyCole turned 3 1/2 on Tuesday!! He was so excited and really thought it was his birthday. I kept informing him that it is his {half} birthday, but he didn't care. It had the word birthday in it so that was good enough for him! Here he is showing me he is 3 {on the left} and a half {on the right}.IMG_7582

We've had to keep ourselves busy the last few days. Cole really enjoys bugging his little brother. I'm not sure how many times I've had to say "Cole be nice to your brother" or "Leave Blake alone!" He really loves Blake, but I think he's a little bored and is trying to get Blake to play with him...


Honey gave Cole some sweet revenge with her tongue. If you know Honey then you know she is quite the licker! Look how sweet Cole was being with her. Giving her lots of love.

IMG_7639 copy 2IMG_7647IMG_7651

Too much fun in this house...poor little guy passed out in his high chair while I was cooking dinner!!

Blake woke up from his nap today after a mere 40 minutes so I was giving him time to try and fall back asleep. Cole hates it when Blake is crying and will do anything to make him happy. He told me he was going to go make Blakey happy. Next thing I heard was "twinkle twinkle little star" coming from Blake's room. Sweet boy was consoling his little brother. Cole then ran and got some of his cars and asked to hop into Blake's bed where they played together.

IMG_7669We did a little bouncing in the bounce house which is always a favorite around here. Look at Cole's crazy hair!! The static electricity is insane when the bounce house is running.IMG_7682Cole is so silly and loves to "help" me on the computer. I went to change Blake's diaper and when I came back he was on my computer helping me work. I set up my crafting area in the boys new playroom and I LOVE it!! I can work on blogs..scrapbook...browse the internet all while the boys are safely playing in the same room!! IMG_7689

3 sweet comments:

Jenny H said...

looks like a fun day... if you have to be stuck in the house ;O)

Happy birthday sweet boy!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

oh my, they are SO cute! the picture of cole in the chair is just too funny...what a cutie! (which i completely adore your chair, btw!)

Greene Family said...

Wow - 80 degrees to 17 in a couple of days! We've had crazy up and downs in temps here too, but not quite that extreme.
Love the pictures of your adorable boys! Love Cole's crazy hair pic!
You have an awesome craft room, and how wonderful that the boys can play with you work on crafts, scrapbooking, blogs, etc.!