Feb 17, 2011

a mini me

I’ve always thought Blake was going to have curly hair just like his mama, but today it pretty much confirmed it when he woke up from his nap. He was hot and sweaty and his hair was everywhere. Look at all of those curls in the making! Cole’s hair has always been so straight just like daddy. Lets just hope we can keep these curls under control and they don’t into a mini ‘fro. Not that I would have any idea about unmanageable curls!? Hence, the reason I straighten my hair daily!


PS…keep scrolling for Cole! He made his musical debut this morning!

2 sweet comments:

Renee and Ryan's Book said...

Such a handsome little man! Those curls make me think of a certain curly-haired hottie: Justin Timberlake!

Greene Family said...

Love those curls! Blake is so adorable! LOVE that second picture! Jude often looks like he has a 'fro in the back when he wakes up in the morning. :)