Feb 4, 2011

my warm blooded boys

I guess these Texas born boys are over the cold and snow! They must have a little of their mama’s California blood running through them. This morning Cole came downstairs looked out the window and said “I want the sun!”  Sweet boy isn’t all that impressed with the snow. I got the boys all bundled up which took probably twenty minutes and we lasted outside a whopping ten minutes. I probably looked like mother of the year out there with both of my boys screaming and I was just snapping away. Poor Blakey even took a face plant smack dab into the snow! He hated it! Here in Dallas we don’t get too much snow so we had to improvise when it came time for some snow toys. This resourceful mama brought out the laundry basket! I thought if they weren’t actually in the snow it wouldn’t be so bad. IMG_7744 copyIMG_7726 copy

I finally bribed convinced Cole to just walk around a little bit. He was ok with that, but once his hands got cold he was over it. Luckily I got a few pictures where the boys weren’t screaming.

IMG_7751 copyIMG_7758 copyIMG_7749 copy

IMG_7735 copyIMG_7771 copyWe have almost 5 inches of snow at our house and it keeps on coming! I have to admit that I don’t mind it that much. I am getting a little stir crazy at home with both boys, especially since Brooks has been working all week still. This is so much prettier to look at than the ice we’ve had all week.IMG_7776 copy

Then, we decided to make some “snow ice cream!” I think ours had a little too much “cream” and not enough ice because it was way too sweet for our liking. We started with a bowl full of snow and then added milk, sugar and vanilla. Stir until you get an ice cream consistency…Hush Now2

Hush NowThen chow down! Or in our case eat a spoon full and throw away the rest. We weren’t really fans, but it was fun getting to use the snow outside. It entertained Cole for a few minutes at least!Hush Now4

Hush Now3Hush Now5

Blakey was our little supervisor! He was very happy to help! Lets just say we are ready for this snow to be over so we can re enter the outside world again!!

6 sweet comments:

Emily Nelson said...

So cute! Looks like a fun experience!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Awww they are so cute!!


awww! look at them...i'm with them...i have avoided getting out in this..

im in oklahoma and we've had a ton...i literally have about 4 ft outside my frnt door...

they are so cute girl!!! i love cole's khaki colored jacket :)

Anonymous said...

Cole is just so handsome!!!!!!

Jaime said...

Even though they weren't too happy in that first pictures, it's still the cutest thing!

Greene Family said...

SO Cute!! Love the snow pics and that last one of Blake! How fun to make snow ice cream, even if it didn't taste as you had hoped!