Feb 10, 2011

project life- 52

If you didn’t know already, I am SO excited over project life!! This is by Becky Higgins and it’s one of those things where you think “why didn’t I think of that?”  My friend, Amanda, and I are obsessed and we’ve even recruited a few neighbors to join in on the fun!! I wanted to share a few pages that I’ve done already. I’m doing mine by the week. So the left page is {typically} Sunday-Wednesday and the right page is Thursday- Saturday, but I’m not too strict about it. Sometimes we have a boring week and I struggle to pick out pictures and other weeks we have a ton of fun stuff going on. Let me explain how I’m doing it….

Week 1: {my week one is Jan9-15 since I didn’t take a single picture the first week..shock!!}IMG_8202

All of my weekly pages are 12x12 layouts that are included in the kit, but when I have an event that I have a hard time narrowing down to 1 or 2 pictures I will include an insert. It’s never the same size as a 12x12 because I don’t want to get confused on my weeks. So here I included a 10x12 page with extra pictures of the snow and an extra journaling card that I made {with an ali edward brush}.


The picture below is the backside of the 10x12 filled with more arbuckle wilderness pictures along with a 6x12 page protector journaling our day together.


The backside of the journaling page is a 6x12 print of the snow. Unfortunately the way my pictures and journaling worked this week it’s a little out of order which bothers me, but it’s all within the week.


Week 2: Jan16-22 Blakey’s 7 month collage that I made. I printed it as a 12x12 at costco  and then cut it down to a 10x10. My sweet neighbor with a sewing machine, Emily, then sewed my 12x12 page protector so it would fit my print!! I really need to learn how to sew! It’s on my list…


On the back of the 7 month collage is his 7 month letter that I wrote to him with all the fun stuff he learned this month. I just matted it with some cute scrapbook paper.


Week 3: Jan20-26 Just a regular week for us. I included some pictures everyday of the boys along with a camera phone picture I took of Cole at his first drop off playdate with a friend from school. I just uploaded the picture to picasa and then printed it as a 3x4 for a journaling space. I also made a collage of our trip to the park. Since it was Blake’s first time to go I wanted to remember more pictures.


On the backside of the 10x10 collage I included a full page picture of just Blake.


Week 4: Jan27- Feb5  I found a really cute idea of getting a print of both the boys hands and feet to remember how little they were. I also included some extra pages for more pictures since it snowed again and we went sledding. That was extra fun and I really wanted to remember it.


I’m loving this project! You can make it as big as you want to. I just can’t keep up with scrapbooking and I love the physical element to this. They do have an online version, but it’s similar to what my blog book will be so I wanted something different. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be posting more pictures in the future!! Now that I’m up to date it’s so easy to keep up!!

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The Scott's said...

what a great idea. i need to do something like this for the twins. in a way it seems a little easier and a little more fun than a typical baby book (that i'm waaaaaay behind on). too bad i don't live closer because i'd love to join in on the fun!

Holly said...

Katie, is this hard to do? Does it take a lot of time? I have never ever been a scrapbooker because I suck at it and never have time, but I'm curious if this something even I could do?! I love the idea of it.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea!!! I wish I had time for this!!! Def a keeper for the future when I decide to buckle down to do it!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jenn said...

I love it Katie!! WISH I could do that! You are a good mom!!

Mónica said...

Wow ! It's so beautiful ! :D

Suzanne said...

Oh my goodness...that's the cutest thing ever! Where did you find something like that?? Looks like it would be so much fun!! :)

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

This is AWESOME!!!! Love it.

Caden and Mommy said...

Katie ... I love this kit. How fun! The options look endless.

Katie said...

Man Katie!! I am very impressed! You must be so organized!! I can't imagine I would ever be very good at keeping something like this up! But it's SO neat! Are you going to try to do it every year?

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! My kids don't even have baby books yet. That is such a neat idea and it looks great!!

Kim said...

Great idea. So creative. You also have very very cute subjects to photograph! I also just read your recent posts. The snow tubing looks like so much fun. It's amazing -you in Texas had more snow this year. NOt that I am complaining, it's gorgeous outside today (68)! YAY! Good luck with your project. It's really really cute!

Terri said...

Ok girl - I bought PL today after seeing it on your blog and looking at all things PL last night on the internet. So excited, but have no clue where to begin. Do you use Ali Edwards overlays using photoshop? Then where do you print them? Where did you get your other page protectors?

Greene Family said...

Love this project - your pages are absolutely adorable and so creative!! Of course, your sweet boys are such handsome subjects to photograph!!