Feb 23, 2011

a yeehaw good time

We finally got to celebrate our sweet neighbor and good friend, Landry’s birthday!! She turned 2 on the fifth, but because of the crazy ice and snow it was postponed until this past weekend. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a petting zoo! Here’s Miss L! Our birthday gift to her was some two year pictures!! How cute is this outfit? Our old neighbor, Julie, made it! Check out her site, jill be nimble!!


Cole is obsessed with “aminals!” So when he found out it was a petting zoo theme he was so happy. He spent most of the afternoon petting the chickens, feeding the bunnies and brushing the goats hair. There was even a pony with pink hair! We dressed up for the theme…any opportunity to dress up, I will take it! As always, Kylie did an amazing job with the party!


5 sweet comments:

jenn said...

Cole is a boy after my own heart, I would have been with him and the "aminals" all day too! Love ya!

Melissa Swartley said...

Aww! Glad to see Cole had a great time! What a wonderful gift too! You're an awesome photographer Katie!

Erin said...

Hi.. just found you today. What a beautiful family you have! Your little ones are welcome anytime to come to my house if you are in Florida. I have two pigs, a bassett, two tortoises, snakes, lizards, rats, turtles, a spider, toads and we are looking into chickens next. lol We need to just start charging like a zoo would. See what happens when you don't have children of your own? The motherly love still has to go somewhere! But the reptiles are all my hubby. Just so you know. lol

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

I love petting zoos. For Emma's second birthday we had Emma's Barnyard Bash. I hired a petting zoo with 26 animals plus a pony for pony rides. I go crazy for birthdays! My husband laughs because he knows I get such a kick out of throwing huge birthday parties. He doesn't laugh when he gets the bill though LOL

Greene Family said...

What a fun birthday party! Great gift for Landry too - you take such beautiful pictures! Cute pictures of your boys dressed up, and adorable family pic!