Mar 16, 2011

9 months

You have officially been with our family as long as you were inside my belly. I can’t believe you are 9 months old! I love everything about you. I really can’t imagine our life without our sweet Blakey. You add so much to the Johnson household. Blake is the happiest, easy going boy. Now, don’t let that sweet smile fool you. He is no push over and knows what he wants, but being strong willed comes naturally to him in this family. We can’t turn our eyes for a minute or you bee line it to the stairs. We usually catch you on the first step, but as soon as you seen us coming you crawl as fast as you can up…laughing the entire way. I know that you know you shouldn’t be doing, but it is pretty cute to see try and get away from us. I did let you climb the stairs under strict supervision and you made it up the entire staircase!!Your laugh is infectious. It is like music to my ears. Daddy thinks you have been saying “dada” and it really does sound like it, but I think “mama” is so much  clearer!! I took you in for you 9 month appointment and Dr. Kim really thought you were saying “hi” to her!! Words must be around the corner!! By the end of the month you have started letting go of furniture a little bit and standing for a few seconds. You aren’t trying to walk….yet, but I know you are getting close. We took you to the park and let you swing for the first time. You loved it just as much as your big brother. We even let you swing together which you thought was so much fun. Every month that goes by makes me a little sad that you are getting older, but I love seeing you change and grow. You really love your brother. If you wake up from your afternoon nap first and we are up in the playroom you try and escape me to go into Cole’s room. We eventually have to go downstairs because you love to try and wake him up to come play. You eat so much!! Usually 8 oz of food at all three meals and 3- 8oz bottles during the day. You especially love bananas and sweet potatoes, but you eat everything!! No pearly whites yet, but you sure drool like they are coming. I will take that gummy smile as long as you want to give it!! It’s my favorite!

IMG_0020 copy2

Good news at your 9 month check up…no shots! I don’t know who was more relieved, you or Cole. He is so protective over you. The minute we walked back for your appointment he started crying. He kept saying “no medicine for Blakey.”

9 month stats:

weight: 19 lbs 5 oz – 30%

height: 28.34 in – 50%

head: 17.75 in – 50%

IMG_9912 copyIMG_0006 copy  IMG_0007 copyIMG_9972 copyIMG_9991 copyIMG_9951 copy

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Greene Family said...

There is so much sweetness and cuteness in the pictures you take of your adorable boys!! Happy 9 months Blakey!! Time is flying!
Katie - I love these letters you write to Blake! I can imagine all of the laughter and fun in your home! Blake sounds so much like Jude - makes me smile to these posts and think that it seems like just the other day Jude was 9 months old . . . and now 19 months!