Mar 11, 2011

the duck park

Brooks and I decided to take the boys on a walk up to the “duck park” and our neighbors decided to join us. It was a last minute little adventure, but the kids had so much fun feeding the ducks.IMG_9737 copy 6

Chloe is MUCH braver than I am! These geese can be mean, but she didn’t care. She walked right up to them to feed them some bread. The white one was telling her either a)give him all of the bread or b) leave me alone NOW because he was very loud.

IMG_9725 copyIMG_9705 copy 2

Caught red handed eating the “duck food!” Ok, it was really just a loaf of honey wheat break I had in the refrigerator. The kids liked standing on the dock throwing in pieces of the bread. They were pretty good about tearing off pieces and not just throwing the whole slice in. All of them preferred to eat the bread rather than throw it…I guess that is what happens when you do this before you eat dinner.

IMG_9741 copy

*for all you CSUSB alumni…Cole is rockin’ his shirt that mimi gave him! Gotta love that coyote pride!

4 sweet comments:

Marissa said...

love the pic of him caught eating the "duck food"...just precious! Looks like a fun day! We love going to feed the ducks around here too, but I'm not that brave, I stay far back :)

Karolyn said...

I love his shirt! Too cute, especially getting caught eating the duck food :)

Sarah said...

Love that last picture of Cole. Sounds like fun. Can't wait until it's warmer here so we can do things like that.

Greene Family said...

How fun! My boys love going to feed the ducks and Jude likes eating the bread too! :) Love the pic of Cole getting caught eating the bread - too cute!