Mar 3, 2011

a little catch up

I’m a little behind on my blog, but I’m still taking pictures like crazy over here for project life so I decided to share a little bit of what we’ve been up to!


We went to see Daddy at work and I snapped a few pictures of the boys before we left. Blake wanted no part of a group shot with Cole. Every time Cole tried to hold him and pose, Blake was jumping off of the couch. I tried…

IMG_9075     IMG_9072

You know you are old when this is what your Friday nights look like. I was cooking dinner and came upstairs to get the boys when I found Brooks and Blake crashed out and Cole just watching a movie in the media room. Of course I ran to get the camera. You don’t know how many pictures I have of Brooks and Cole in this same position. The boys never do this with me…IMG_9112

After dinner it was bathtime and then a little healthy competition of “don’t break the ice.” Good thing Cole isn’t very competitive...yet, because I kicked his booty! He’s just happy if Blake doesn’t attack the little ice skating bear.


Blake is really starting to cruise. We were cooking breakfast on Saturday morning when he went over to the little stool we keep in the kitchen for Cole to sit on while helping me. He just pulled himself up and started walking all around the kitchen. We don’t see too much of Mr. Blake's infamous tongue anymore, but he decided to give us a classic pose.

9155    IMG_9157

Don’t ask me why I bought 36” balloons, but I did! I was up at 4 am rockin' little mister and couldn’t go back to sleep so I thought it would be a good idea to surf the internet. I got out one of the red balloons and blew it up. It wasn’t as large as it could go, but I was all out of hot air {hehe} so I let the boys have at it! They loved it! Cole got a little out of control and had a few time outs. IMG_9235

Yes, this is what time out looks like in our house. A scowl on the face as he does his time.IMG_9195 copyIMG_9251 IMG_9200

We then had a quick bath and were playing again. The boys have jack and jill bedrooms so they share a bathroom in the middle. After the baths I took Cole into his room to get ready for bed and Brooks took Blake into his room. They both emerged with the same jammies on!! We got quite a chuckle out of this one.IMG_9283 IMG_9279

6 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

Where did you get Blake's shirt that he is wearing in the picture at the top (with the B and his name)? It is too cute!

Melissa Swartley said...

We love Don't Break The Ice! Sonya plays it at PT, we pt it up on a table and it encourages her to stand! Look at how grown Blake is getting! Love that tongue picture! Too funny how you ended up buying 36" balloons at 4am! looks like it was a great idea though! Those boys are having a blast! Aww... Cole's time out pout is too cute! How do you keep your smile hidden?

Marissa said...

those boys are TOO cute :)

Love your playroom by the way...looks so fun and organized!

Greene Family said...

Cole and Blake are so adorable! Cole is too cute in his time out picture! Love Blake's classic pose pic! :)
My boys would love those balloons - looks like your boys had a blast with them!
Simon and Jude have Jack and Jill bedrooms too, but Jude almost always (including getting dressed after bath) wants to be in Simon's room. Cute matching pjs on your boys!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

This was a fun post! Your playroom looks so nice!!

Anonymous said...

Aw loved this post. The boys are so cute! Blake is growing up way too fast cruising the way he does! Sweet moment with randomly matching pjs. Amazing you can even Cole on time out with a super cute little pout! Aiden will scream cry and tell me I'm not his friend anymore lol! You have sweet boys!! :)