Mar 31, 2011

meet vanilla

She may look like a sweet innocent pony, but really she was a vicious finger eating animal! Ok, not really, but she did bite my boy. While visiting my parents we got to go visit their neighbors new pony. Look at her…she is just Cole’s size! He was pretty excited to go meet her. It started off with a few little pats and the neighbor assuring us the pony doesn’t bite…..IMG_0650

hmmm….not so sure about this one. He bit my sweet Cole. Also, why is it I always catch the most random pictures? Instead of protecting my kids I’m too busy catching things in action…


After the “incident” Cole was done petting the pony. In Vanilla’s defense, Cole did stick his finger out and I’m sure it kinda sorta looked like a carrot.


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Greene Family said...

Oh no! Glad Cole was ok!