Apr 13, 2011

Spring Sing 2011

This was the first year that Cole was able to participate in spring sing at school since he is now in the three year old class. Daddy wasn’t able to make it to the open house part, but he did make it just in time for his performance. It was so cute seeing all of the fun projects he’s been working on.

IMG_0912  IMG_0916


Cole and his school BFF, Porter. These two really enjoy going to school to see each other!


Cole is in the lower left hand of the picture just sitting on the stage with his fingers in his mouth. He did that pretty much the entire program. Every once and a while he would sing and do the hand movements, but for the most part he sat.


IMG_0933  IMG_0959

3 sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

Did you mean lower right? ;) lucky you he was up front and visible- I barely saw Aiden and he wasn't participating either. He mostly looked at the projector screens or was totally spaced out.


Caden and Mommy said...

So Sweet! What an adorable school that Cole goes to. What a brave boy for even getting up on those bleachers, there is no way Caden would! I love Cole's red Converse. I just bought a new pair of white ones and green ones for Caden, now I'm wishing I would have gone with the red.
... and hooray for the couples weekend. Looks like a great time!

Greene Family said...

How sweet - love Cole's art work! At least he stayed on stage and participated once in a while! :) Too cute!
I can't get enough of Blake's beautiful blue eyes!! Katie - he's turning into a little boy (where did his baby face go)?!