Jun 21, 2011

celebrating daddy!

We started off the morning with cards for daddy! Yes, I’m aware the picture of the boys looks more like a mug shot, but I don’t have ANY of them together. That is on my to do list. Ok, back to daddy. We took him to a super yummy brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Jaspers!! The boys were awesome and the food delicious! We came home and took some naps and then headed out back to swim in our “pool” and bbq! Daddy made his famous ribs! Well, famous to us! I love family days like this…lazy, family fun!


Before we left for brunch we headed outside to try and get some pictures of us with our boys! Cole’s expressions crack me up! No two are the same!

IMG_3024IMG_2982  IMG_2995IMG_3027IMG_3015

…and since this mommy hardly has make up on or my hair done {please disregard my awful roots} I got in on the picture fun with my boys! We all know that mommies never get to be in the pictures. Of course, the boys want nothing to do with the camera when it’s my turn…such is life.



There is nothing I love more than to watch these THREE boys together! They seriously crack me up!

IMG_3084IMG_3087IMG_3091IMG_3080  IMG_3119IMG_3126IMG_3134

How cute is this little bum? I just had to document it!

IMG_3104IMG_3141  IMG_3143IMG_3150IMG_3157

We love you SO SO much daddy!! You are one in a million!

5 sweet comments:

Miranda said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome Father's Day! I love the waves in your hair, very pretty. :)

Melisa said...

What a wonderful Father's Day! And shut up about he roots and the make-up.....you look beautiful! Such cute pictures.

Kerri said...

Great pictures, love your family!!!

Greene Family said...

It looks like a wonderful Father's Day! Great photos!!

Anonymous said...

aw those were such fun pictures! looks like you guys had an awesome father's day! yippee! :)