Jun 30, 2011

water babies

Cole started swim lessons a month ago and we had our 4th lesson today! Since he only goes one time a week we have to make sure we practice in between. To say Cole was afraid of the water was an understatement. He was perfectly happy sitting in a chair next to the water or maybe splashing on the step. I knew we needed to get him lessons since I can’t have two babies that can’t swim at the pool. Up until his lesson last week he would cry and hold on for dear life to Miss Lauren {his teacher}. Well, after class last week we headed over to his BFF, Carsen’s house for a little pool time and he became a different child!!! He LOVED the water! He wore his puddle jumper and was able to swim all over the pool on his own! We’ve had this same life jacket since last summer, but he would freak if you let him go in the water. I think seeing his friend so confident in the water really helped. By the end of the day he was letting me push him under the water and kick his feet to the step without any floatation device!!! It was awesome and he loved it! So this week he was really excited to show Miss Lauren his stuff. When we arrived he told me “I no cry, mommy! I’m a fish!” He did great! I know we are on the road to swimming…finally!


After swim class we headed to the beach/splash park to meet up with a friend and her two little ones! We have this awesome area in town that is a beach sand park on one side and the other side is a splash park. It has a little boardwalk and beach chairs for the mommys and lots of sand toys for the kids! The best part is that it’s free of charge and there are tons of kids to play with. They even provide beach towels to everyone. The boys had a great time! It was just really hot!

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5 sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

"i no cry, mommy! i'm a fish!" gah! thats so cute! i'm really glad that you stick it out with cole's swim lessons! i caved very quickly! the meltdown and the five-min talk about me being close to him and it'll be okay and fun... i just couldn't do it anymore! i'm so proud and envious of you that you toughened it out! and look at him go now!!!!

aiden did the same... when we went to a swim park the weekend after his meltdown, he was swimming like crazy... going under water, splashing, kicking... a totally diff child! i just never took him back to class lol

and the beach/water park is such a fun place!

now that this has gotten super long lol... toodle loo... your boys are so cute!!!

Kristen said...

Loved seeing you and the boys today!! They are just precious :) And yay for Cole being such a little "fish" in the water - too cute!

Kelly said...

These pictures are adorable! LOVE the beach pics!!

Holly said...

Love it! Landon is the same way that Cole used to be. Last year, he was a total fish, couldn't get him out of the pool. But this summer, he's terrified! Oy. I really hope he gradually grows out of this new fear! Cole looks so cute in his swim gear!

Greene Family said...

Way to go Cole!! Love it - "I'm a fish!" He's too cute!
That sand/splash park looks like so much fun! Cole and Blake are so adorable!!