Jul 1, 2011

the {actual} birthday party!

We almost didn’t have a first birthday party for Blake because this pregnant mommy just didn’t want to deal with it all, but I’m so glad we were convinced otherwise! I was going to do a small bbq in our backyard when my awesome friend and neighbor, Amanda, offered up her pool! With triple digits here in Dallas it’s hard to do anything outside if you aren’t near a body of water. We went with a vintage surf theme and mostly invited our neighbors to keep it small. Even with a neighborhood party we still had around 30 kids and adults! Everyone was there to celebrate our precious boy and it felt so good!

vintage_surf_invitation_-_sample_for_pdf_(2-up) - blake 1

{the invite with obvious info changed for privacy reasons}


We put together a hot dog bar for dinner…complete with chili dogs, sauerkraut, onions, jalapenos, pickles and all the normal trimmings! It was a hit! The kids loved it, but I think the adults loved it even more. It was so easy and so yummy! I made the cupcakes and I think they turned out very cute. Half of them were supposed to be the ocean with a shark fin swimming and the other half were a desert island.

IMG_3203  IMG_3204

For the goody bags I stuck with simple! I purchased some beach balls and made a cute little sign that said “thanks for coming…I hope you had a ball!”


Normally when we go to a pool party the only people in the pool are the daddies and the kids, but that was the reason I kept it small so that everyone felt comfortable getting in their bathing suits! Even the mommies got to get in which was so fun!


Sweet Miss Presley was offering her boyfriend a little snack. She did give him his first kiss back at Christmas. Blake loves the older women…


My parents bought the boys a joint birthday gift which was this really cool picnic table from PB kids! We brought it over so some of the older kids had a place to sit and eat. The younger kids were at a smaller table which I didn’t get a picture of.


I’m not really sure what got into the birthday boy, but he was not a fan of us giving him a cupcake and singing. As you can see from his reaction he was not pleased, but still cute in my opinion. I love a good crying picture.


Luckily he thought it tasted yummy so the tears stopped and he chowed down.

IMG_3266  IMG_3268

Big brother enjoyed his chocolate cupcake. He had been waiting all day for one of those.


How cute is this little boy? He is just counting down the days until he turns 4 and gets to have his own party! He’s already informed me that he wants it to be a cars birthday party!


The highlight of the pool was jumping off of the rock waterfall. All of the big kids loved it!!!

IMG_3287  IMG_3298


Daddy was enjoying his adult beverage while supervising the little swimmers!


Thank you to everyone that came out to love our little boy. You helped make his day extra special and a HUGE thanks to the Dennett's for letting us take over their home!! Y’all are awesome!

12 sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

What a fun party! Good to know you guys are miller lite kinda peeps! Hahaha

Brandi said...

What a great party! Looks like fun!!!! Let me ask, how do u not freak out about having a pool in your backyard w little kids? I want a pool but I WORRY big time about the thought of my kids slipping out the back door and getting into pool. Since you have a pool, I would like your thoughts. THANKS!!!

Mandy said...

You are so stinking cute. Just to throw that together would have taken me 1/2 a year! Adorable!!

Holly said...

Awesome party! And your friend's pool looks amazing! LOVE the snorkeling mask picture!! Too much!!

Moore Family said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. What a special day for your special boy!

Laurie said...

Cute party! I am planning surf party for Dylans 3rd birthday, it's not until February but I like to start early :) i might have to steal some of your ideas. My big boy will be turning four as well in August!


your kids are way too cute.

looks like a fab party. glad you went through with it.

hope you are feeling wonderful these days.

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you decided to throw a party! You have skills in that area so you should always put them to use. :) sweet Blake is so big I can't believe it and look at Cole jumping in the water! Sawyer still won't get close to a pool. Happy late Bday Blake!

ThePoeFam said...

Darling party! We're in planning mode around here! :) ... Question: Where did you get that darling frame? I love it!!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

LOVE the party...so so cute!! All of the details are just precious. How is he one already?! Such a little doll. :)

Kim said...

Amazing birthday party. You always put it together so nicely. That pool is amazing. I miss our backyard pool so much. Although in VA no one has pools because each community has one so it is like a social hour! Happy Birthday little man Blake!

Greene Family said...

It looks like Blake had an awesome first birthday party!! You always put together the cutest parties! It looks like the kids had a blast! The crying picture of Blake is too sweet . . . glad he enjoyed his birthday cupcake though! Look at Cole jumping in the water! You must be so proud of both of your sweet, handsome boys!
Happy 1st Birthday Blake!!