Jul 8, 2011

family date night

I have been sorting through my pictures to get caught up on project life and I realized I never posted our family fun pictures! We took the boys bowling and had so much fun! Cole loved it and Blake mostly hung out in his stroller watching us. He was perfectly content eating and watching the action from the sidelines. We knew once we set Blake free we would be chasing him around the lanes all evening….and we were right! Towards the end of the last game we let Blake walk around and he loved exploring everything!


Cole liked giving Blake the speech about watching your fingers when you play with the bowling balls. They might get pinched!


AND…how perfect is this picture of the boys and me!? I mean it says it all. Nobody wanted to stop the fun and take a picture with mommy!


After bowling we weren’t quite ready to go home and the weather was finally at a decent temperature for some outside park time {8:00pm!!} I don’t think there is anyone more fun than daddy at the park!! Everyone laughed and ran and played so hard that they were ready for bed when we got home. The best part was we were the only ones there! Had the entire place to ourselves!


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9 sweet comments:

Kelly said...

Katie, those are adorable pictures! Your boys smiles could melt anyone's heart! Love the boys heads in the circles.

Holly said...

I am laughing so hard at the picture attempt with you, Cole & Blake! SO FUNNY! I can totally relate...

Jillsblog said...

Love bowling!!! Is brooks wearing a red sox shirt? Yeah!

Grasshopper said...

love the picture of the three faces in the holes! So cute!

Kim said...

WAIT A SECOND!!! Is Brooks wearing a Red Sox shirt? Oh no! Katie! LOL.
I love love love these pictures. I just want to eat up your two children. I am so behind on blogging comments that I must get cracking to read all your others. A new bowling alley is being built in our town so Preston is super excited!!!

capree said...

I just LOVE your blog and have been following for a while now...I was wondering who made your blog design...i LOVE it!

Kristen said...

What a fun family outing! We need to try bowling soon too! And what a great time to be at the park - those are some happy boys!!

Greene Family said...

Looks like a perfect family date night! The picture of you and your boys at the bowling is too cute and looks familiar! :) Simon loves to go bowling too.
What a blast at the park! Love the photo of your three guys faces in the holes! Cole and Blake always look like they are having the best time, no matter what you guys are doing!

Caden and Mommy said...

The bowling looks fun. Caden has been wanting to go bowling for some time now. I need to take him before I have to go back to work. Looks like Cole loves it!
I LOVE the picture where Cole nor Blake care to look and smile at the camera. It almost looks like it needs to be on the cover of a silly card at Hallmark. Too funny!
Yeah for simply summer family fun nights at the park :0)