Jul 31, 2011

family date night

Not too long ago we met our friends {and neighbors} the Whiteheads over in Fairview for a family date night! We ate a yummy mexican dinner out on the patio and then took the kids over to the fountains to get out some energy! Well, the mommies took the kiddos over while the dads paid the bill drank some more! Kylie is also pregnant and due in October so it’s fun having a friend to share our pregnancies with! Plus, Baby #3 has a built in girlfriend! Are arranged marriages still acceptable?

IMG_4104IMG_4118  IMG_4124IMG_4138IMG_4155

These two little cuties waiting patiently for the water show to finish so they could just back in the water!


Blake came down with a fever that night {we’re pretty sure it is from teething} so he needed some extra love from Miss Kylie. She was happy to oblige him!


We finished off the night with some Italian Gelato! It sure was yummy and the perfect ending!


4 sweet comments:

caycee said...

sounds like fun! And yes arranged marriages are totally acceptable ;)

Katie said...

So fun...and so great to meet you in person :)

Renee and Ryan's Book said...

I am already working on arranging a marriage between my future son and my friend, Averi's, future daughter. She's due two days after you!

Greene Family said...

What a fun family date night! Those fountains look like so much fun for the kids! I agree - arranged marriages are still acceptable. :)