Jul 3, 2011

lazy days of summer

I don’t know about you, but my boys LOVE to play in the backyard in their birthday suits! After a few pictures I decided they needed to put on some clothes so they didn’t hate me later in life for having black mail pictures. We spend most of our weekend bbq’n and swimming in our awesome baby pool! We gave daddy his birthday gift a little early {a month and a half early!}, but we figured he would get lots of fun out of it. We surprised him with a new smoker! He’s been wanting one for years. His first meal he prepared was some ribs! The boys loved them!


3 sweet comments:

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I want to know what crazy things you do and say to get those children to SMILE like that!! And they both have the best smiles!

Kim said...

The kids always have the biggest smiles on their faces. You are doing something right!

Greene Family said...

Such happy boys - love their smiles!