Sep 14, 2011

another first

The hubs thought it was time for our littlest man to get his first haircut. I had such a hard time cutting those sweet curls, but he was growing wings out the side of his head and I gave in. The Blakester and I headed over to see Miss Vanessa {who cuts Cole’s hair} to get a little trim.


He really enjoyed playing at the train table while he waited for his turn. AND pulling every toy off of the shelf. Don’t you just love how these kid places have so much “fun” merchandise to buy right at the kiddos eye level…?!IMG_5266

Look at that face!! Not sure what to expect. I think if he could talk he would be saying “umm, mom, why are we here without brother?”IMG_5270

It didn’t matter that he got to sit in a really cool race car. The tears started flowing and that cape didn’t make things better. IMG_5275IMG_5278



I think this is a subliminal message to me about what he was thinking….not happy at all!!



To make up for the torture I put him through we headed down to Cold Stone for some yummy ice cream! Not a huge difference in the hair department, but he still had those sweet curls…whew!!IMG_5293IMG_5314IMG_5296IMG_5321  IMG_5328

Hopefully the bribe worked and in the future hair cuts aren’t so rough!

7 sweet comments:

Anonymous said...

Oh bless Miss Vanessa!!! I can't imagine cutting the hair of such an active little one much less one who was hysterical. She must be amazing! :) I would guess that ColdStone would be a just reward for such torture but Blake may not agree. :) Sure love the first day of school pictures!


Destini said...

I love Blake's adorable curls! The first few times we got Trace's hair cut, I gave him seemed to help.

Renee and Ryan's Book said...

I'm happy they didn't chop off those sweet curls!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

So freaking adorable! I can't stand it! Love the " middle finger" too! LOL

Kristen said...

Hi! I got to clicking on blogs the other night and came across yours. Love your blog! Your boys are adorable. What kind of shoes is your son wearing? Mine has just started walking and I'm looking for something lightweight for him. Those look lightweight, are they? Could you tell me where you got them?

The Johnson Family 4 said...

Hi Kristen!
I couldn't respond to your email so I hope you read this :) The brand is pediped! They are awesome! You can find them at lots of stores, but I got these at Nordstrom. They are perfect for new walkers!

Anonymous said...

i love me some good crying pics. is that just me? lol they almost look cuter when they are belching out a good scream through all their tears lol