Sep 21, 2011

boys being boys

With the Texas temps reaching well over 100 degrees the past few months it has been too miserable to play outside during the day. Finally it has been somewhat bearable to journey outside so the boys and I played in the front yard.  We blew some bubbles and just enjoyed the afternoon.


This is the look you get when you ask Cole to show you his muscles! Ha!! Pretty intimidating if you ask me…

IMG_5383  IMG_5384

Blakey boo had too much fun going to the front door and then “peek a booing” through the bushes. He thought he was just “too funny” as Cole would say.


What is it with brothers loving to tackle each other? It always ends so well! Actually I think Cole was trying to hug Blake, but it always looks more like a take down than a hug. Nonetheless these boys have lots of fun and I’m usually the referee.


3 sweet comments:

The Leonard Four said...

good grief those boys are CUTE! love those grins! :)

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your adorable boys on your blog! We were told September 6th that our baby boy (#3) would be born with skeletal dysplasia. They aren't sure what kind. We've been on such a roller coaster. I often look at your blog when I'm feeling defeated. Thanks for sharing you precious pictures.


Anonymous said...

aww how cute are they.. love cole's face when you ask him to show his muscles! sweet boys! miss seeing you guys around...

ps heard you guys ran into my mom last week! :) we've missed your posts for awhile then bam you've got updates galore! yippee! :)