Sep 16, 2011

Yell- Oooooooooo

If you didn’t know the hubs is a HUGE Oregon Ducks fan!! Ducks fan you say? He’s from Portland and the whole family loves the Ducks…well, except his brother in law is a Beaver {Oregon State} so there is a little friendly competition when we get together. Last year when the Cowboys Classic was announced that LSU would be playing Oregon at Cowboy Stadium, Brooks’ aunt got on it and bought three tickets to the game! We were all excited to have Aunt Sharron fly out to visit for a few days and take us to the game for Brooks’ birthday. The boys didn’t go to the game, but that didn’t stop daddy from dressing them in their finest Duck gear.


These college football games are nuts!! AND those LSU fans are cuh-razy…plus it didn’t help that they had been tailgating ALL day! I can’t tell you how many times we were called “tiger bait” and even had bread thrown at us! ha! My unborn child was even referred to as tiger bait by a lovely drunken LSU fan that passed by.

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Brooks had warned me that there would be A LOT of standing at this game, but I don’t think I realized how much standing there would be. It also didn’t help that I had a very large guy in front of me that didn’t like to sit so I watched most of the game from the huge jumbo tron. We ate lots of yummy food so it made it all worth it!! The nachos were delish!


Unfortunately the Ducks didn’t have their finest game and were beat pretty badly, but that’s ok. We got to spend some fun time with Aunt Sharron and a kid free evening!


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Lane said...

As a die hard LSU fan, I would like to take a moment to apologize for any obnoxious behavior directed towards your family. Now, I do appreciate the all-day tailgating and we have a pretty dang fun fan base, but sometimes people get out of control. I felt awful for what I witnessed and was very embarrassed that our school was represented so poorly by several fans. Please don't think all of us are ridiculously rude. Crazy cajuns, yes, but not all completely disrespectful!

Oh, and you can tell your husband that we were very impressed with the amount of noise Oregon produced during the game, especially for having to yell over LSU. It was a great game and I thoroughly enjoyed the few Ducks I spoke with during tailgate! :)