Oct 30, 2011

the baby

Well for about another month you will still be our baby. I can’t believe you will be a big brother soon. You have become such a big boy and I feel like you are losing your “babyness”  everyday. You are so very independent, but still love your snuggles from mommy. You love to copy your brother, but you have no problem letting him know when you are done. You will have so much to teach baby Gavin.


I feel so blessed to have you as my second born. You have added so much to our family…the good and the crazy!! I guess it’s safe to say you will always be MY baby, but you are no longer a baby. You are a fun, outgoing, on the move, totally crazy toddler. BUT for the next MONTH you will be “the baby” of our family.


3 sweet comments:

Katie said...

Katie~you are getting so close! How are you feeling?? I am pretty sure we had the same due date or were at least pretty close. I had my little Lillie a week and a half ago six weeks early and we are still in the NICU. I can't wait to be home!!! Just was wasting some time between feedings and thought I would say hi :)

Kelly said...

Super cute, I can't believe you have only about a month left! yeah!

Melisa said...

That was a very sweet post! Blake and Cole will be the best big brothers!