Oct 27, 2011


On Monday, Cole’s school set up a little pumpkin patch so that the kids could get the chance to pick out their very own pumpkin. Cole’s class took them one step further and decorated them with fun shapes and lots of blue glitter! Cole was covered in glitter, but he was so proud of his pumpkin.IMG_6442

This is Cole’s very first fuzzy that he earned!! What’s a fuzzy?? Well, it’s a sparkly little pom pom that his teacher let him pick out because he had a really great day at school. Last week, this little reward system was implemented in Cole’s class and he really wanted to earn one. Unfortunately there were a few reasons he didn’t get one which caused quite a few tears, but it was a good learning lesson. On Monday, he got in the car and told me that he didn’t earn a fuzzy. I asked him why and he told me that he wasn’t a good listener. He said that Ms. Christy told him to walk and he ran. I was pretty excited that Cole was able to relay back to me what had happened. I brought it up to his teacher the next day and she said that they stopped doing fuzzy’s because it was too hard on the kids, but Cole would have earned a fuzzy on Monday! Oh man! This kid just can’t catch a break. His sweet little heart thought he wasn’t a good boy that day, but really he had one of his best days yet. Well….on Tuesday as I was picking Cole up his teacher pulled out a jar with lots of fuzzy’s in it of all colors and sizes. I guess they brought them back and Cole earned one!!! He was beyond excited!! Of course he picked out the biggest, reddest, sparkliest fuzzy in the bunch. We got in the car and he had to call daddy and tell him all about it!! It’s been residing on his night stand.


2 sweet comments:

Destini said...

Way to go Cole!!!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Bless his heart, thank God he got his fuzzy!! Maybe we need a jar of fuzzies here... Lord I'll try anything!