Oct 9, 2011

our backyard oasis

I’m excited to say that our backyard is DONE! Well, we have a few more plants being delivered Monday to fill in some empty gaps, but other than that we are swimming! We officially moved our patio furniture out of the garage and into the backyard. A few years ago we had a covered patio installed and it was one of the best investments we have made. I can’t tell you how many days we have spent out there as a family. The patio is not pictured, but it’s a very large space that holds lots of furniture, our bbq and smoker. Well now we have even more to do in our backyard.

When we first moved to Texas I thought everyone had these huge backyards…I mean, hello we’re in Texas with lots of open land, right? Well, not where we live. Our backyard is definitely not a sprawling yard I had envisioned, but I think we have the perfect layout for the space we do have. The hardest decision we had was our decking and patio material. We originally had stamped concrete put in with our patio, but hated it! It was SO slippery and the boys fell all the time on it. Plus, we never could keep it clean looking. We finally decided to take the plunge and do flagstone and I LOVE it!! It’s not slippery at all and it looks great!


We made sure to put in a very large swim step so that the boys would have a place to sit and play. It’s perfect!! I can take them out in the late afternoon and let them splash around while I sit on the edge.


Over on this side of the patio deck will be two lounge chaises next summer. I haven’t found “the ones” I love yet, and the cost of those things is ridiculous!! Not in the budget at the moment. BUT I can envision lots of lazy days lounging under an umbrella reading my kindle…while the boys are napping of course!


We have two boxers and we needed a place for them so we also had a dog run installed. We are now training them to use that space to go to to the bathroom instead of the grass. So far so good! It will also be a good place to put them when we have company over. They get very excited to see new people and love to lick and jump. This isn’t a ton of grass, but for us I think it will be perfect. It’s big enough to throw the ball around or even have a bounce house.


The last thing to be installed will be our pool gate. We will be gating off our patio area with a removable mesh gate. It’s not going to be the prettiest thing to look at, but it’s much prettier than the alternative…something happening to one of my precious boys. They will be here next week to install. Thankfully we can take it out if we have company and put it back in when the pool isn’t in use. The boys have been very good around the water and we haven’t had anyone fall in, but safety comes first.

So far we LOVE it and we just know that we will get so much use out of our new backyard. Brooks has informed me that I better love it, because we aren’t moving for a very long time!

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Suzanne said...

Everything looks great!! That's a good idea to make the steps larger for the kids to play on. Never thought of that! :)

Jamie said...

Hello, I'm your newest follower! Your boys are adorable! I love love love your backyard!

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Moore Family said...


Brandi said...

Beautiful! A little piece of heaven on earth!!

Karolyn said...

Wow it looks amazing! And it seems like they finished it so quick! I was going to ask about the safety gate - but you addressed that at the end there. I'm sure you guys will enjoy your new yard for years to come!

Melisa said...

Beautiful Oasis! It will be so refreshing for you to relax in during your hot summers the years to come!

Renee and Ryan's Book said...

Your backyard is stunning! It will be so much fun to see your boys play and grow back there.

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Absolutely fabulous!

caycee said...

Wow!! It looks amazing girl!

Holly said...

I'm so behind on my blog stalking that I missed this post! I love, love, LOVE your pool! So beautiful! And that spa looks oh-so-relaxing! Can I come play?! ;)

Kelly said...

It looks amazing! I am very jealous, though in MN, it would only get used 4 out of 12 months

The Perkins Family said...

It's beautiful. What company did you use for your saftey fence? We are considering buying a house with a pool, and that is one of my biggest concerns. thanks!