Oct 25, 2011

out on the farm

This past weekend my dad came to visit! We were all excited to see papa and Cole was super excited to go to a pumpkin patch with him. Luckily, one of our sweet friends was having her second birthday party at the BEST pumpkin patch around! Unfortunately I didn’t get a single picture with any pumpkins. We were too busy feeding the animals, riding on a hay ride, taking a trip around the farm in the barrels and eating yummy cupcakes! The boys weren’t sure about the animals at first, but quickly warmed up to them. There were goats, sheep and cattle.IMG_6111Creamy Soy LatteIMG_6127IMG_6123IMG_6171  6161IMG_6134IMG_6151IMG_6186IMG_6190IMG_6197IMG_6179IMG_6208IMG_6222IMG_6201

The hayride was so much fun for the kids! We tried to round up as many of the party goers onto one hayride. Cole and his BFF, Carsen, were SO excited to get to ride together. These two are just like brothers. They love each other like crazy, but they also have their disagreements. Luckily, today was a “love” day for them! They have known each other since they were born.


This is sweet Zoe…the birthday girl!


Daddy was such a good sport taking Blake for a ride in the barrel train. I don’t think momma was going to fit with my big belly! Everyone loved the ride, even if daddy said it was a bit of a sqeeze for him.

6291  IMG_6320

We will need to make another trip to the pumpkin patch to get some pictures with some actual pumpkins, but it was so fun to share this with papa.

3 sweet comments:

Trisha said...

I absolutely LOVE your photos,and was wondering what kind of camera and lens you shoot with? I am upgrading to my first SLR so when I like someone's pictures, I am always curious what they are shooting with!

Kelly said...

Katie, I agree with Trisha. I love your photos! It is like every photo you take is from a photo shoot. :) I was going to ask what camera you use too and what editing program you use.

Also, your boys are handsome as always!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Katie. You have 2 gorgeous freaking kiddos!!! They both make the greatest faces. I love it!