Oct 18, 2011

swimming with daddy

I love the random days when Brooks makes it home earlier than normal! Luckily tonight I had dinner on the table as he walked in the door so we were able to get a little swim time in! I had taken the boys earlier in the day, but of course I heated the spa just a bit so we weren’t freezing. Cole wanted to go swimming with daddy and Brooks was happy to oblige. Once they jumped in together, Blake couldn’t get out of his clothes fast enough. I loved watching the boys jump and splash and play together. I know  a lot of these pictures are very similar, but I couldn’t help but post them! I just loves these guys!!

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2 sweet comments:

Holly said...

OMG! The picture of the 3 of them must be framed! Adorable! Looks like are LOVE the pool, great investment!

P.S. Don't you love those puddle jumpers?! They are the best! I found one for Logan (for next year) at Target last week, on clearance for $2.24!!! Score!

Mattilyn's mommy said...

Oh my, yes, the picture of the 3 of them is to die for cute!!! And I can't believe Cole is brave enough to jump in like that!