Oct 31, 2011

trick or treat

We just got back home from trick or treating and aside from one minor mishap {losing my youngest child for a minute…yes, heart attack!!} we all had a great time! Cole had a blast running from house to house! After every house he would ask if we could go to one more. He just couldn’t get enough. Once we got home he had to sort through all of his treats and line them up. His favorite was the kit kat! Blake was a mess tonight! If you didn’t keep your eye on him every second he was gone! Pretty scary once it turned dark so that is when daddy made his departure from the group and headed home to hand out some of our own candy to the kids. I just loved seeing all of the kids running about the neighborhood. We had so many trick or treaters this year. It just makes you feel like you really live in a family neighborhood. I’m already looking forward to next year and coordinating ALL 3 boys costumes!!

IMG_6736IMG_6730  IMG_6728IMG_6710IMG_6740IMG_6701IMG_6761IMG_6759IMG_6770

3 sweet comments:

Julie said...

Love the Batman and Robin costumes! And your pool looks amazing!

Renee and Ryan's Book said...

The boys look awesome! What a cute duo!

Christy said...

Cole and Blake are both adorable!! Where did you find their shoes? I love them.