Nov 25, 2011

the comforts of home

Cole and Blake have been rough sleepers the past few months. If one sleeps through the night the other makes sure to wake us up. Needless to say we have had a few mornings where somebody ends up in our bed.

Sweet Blakey boo has been having the hardest time teething. He just can seem to pop them through and they are giving him an awful time. He has ended up with us quite a few nights.


The other day I put both boys down for a nap in their own beds. Normally they both fall right to sleep and take a good long nap. I take the opportunity to get some rest myself. All of a sudden this little guy shows up in my room and tells me he wasn’t sleepy…ummm, I beg to differ! I asked him to just lie on my bed while I rested. When I woke up he was completely passed out and proceeded to take a two plus hour nap.


As we were getting everything ready for Thanksgiving, Cole asked to watch some cartoons in our room. He piled all the pillows up at the end of our bed and kicked back to relax. Brooks came and found me to show me how cute he was!

colecole 2

3 sweet comments:

Brandi said...

If it makes u feel any better, my 2 year old is always in bed with us!!! UGH!!!!

Mattilyn's mommy said...

I love when Matti wants to cuddle in bed, but she never does!! I'm trying to make the boys little cuddlers! Nothing better than waking up next a little love bug...or two or three ;)

Caden and Mommy said...

Caden NEVER cuddles in bed with us :o( As soon as he's up, he's ready to go. Your boys are so Cute!!! ... I can't wait to see number three with them.