Nov 11, 2011


is the best form of flattery, right!? Well, I stumbled across this hand painted wood sign on pinterest and I was in love with it! The colors were so me! Once I saw the price {$70!!} I knew it was out of my price range so I took matters into my own hands. I borrowed a friends silhouette and used it as a stencil. I think it’s a pretty good copy cat of the original! I think these might be my Christmas gifts for the teachers at my boys school this year!

{iphone picture}


2 sweet comments:

Brandi said...

ADORBS!!! You are crfty!!!!!!!

Caden and Mommy said...

You are so creative! I saw a cute sign similar to this out and about today ... it said, "Santa, it's a long story" :o) Let me know if you ever pull that one out of your trick box ~ I'ld love to purchase it and not pay $49.00 for it.