Nov 27, 2011

so much to be thankful for…

Cole’s school put on their annual Finger Food Feast! Last year, he instantly spotted me from the stage and cried most of the performance from his teachers arms. This year was a completely different story. As we were walking in, Cole was taking the stage and was SO excited to see mommy and daddy! He couldn’t stop jumping up and down and waving…I mean, look at that grin!! He was so proud of himself. He had been practicing the words and movements to the songs at home so I knew he was ready. I don’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones, but I cried the entire performance. He was just too cute up there. I loved seeing the joy coming from him. We had a few people that remembered last years finger food melt down come up to him afterwards and say what a great job he did! We left Blake in class so that we could really enjoy watching Cole and not have to chase him around. When it came time to eat I went and grabbed him so he could see Cole. If I do say so myself I think Cole is the cutest little Indian up there!


They had assigned seats and we got so lucky that we were right in front!! These were just two of the projects out on the table. Look how silly Cole looks with the big black glasses on. The back said he was 8 pumpkins tall. While watching him on stage I realized one of the awesome things about being short…he will most likely always be in the front row so I will have a great view to take pictures!! The items listed on his thankful list: blankie, my car, Gavin, my family.

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I also had Brooks snap a picture of me before I headed out to a birthday dinner for a friend. It’s not often that I have my hair and makeup done at the same time and this needed to be documented. I’m thankful that I’m almost to my due date! We are scheduled this coming Thursday to be induced. I can’t wait to meet the newest member of our family. It’s been fun this pregnancy with Cole. He gets it this time around and talks about Gavin often and will randomly just kiss my tummy.

Creamy Soy Latte

For Thanksgiving, we spent the day with our good friends, the Whiteheads. Since we didn’t have any family coming to town and they stayed home as well we decided to spend it together. Not the best family picture, but it’s all we have. Please note that Blake was not in the mood for picture taking…well, that continued throughout the day. The only thing we can chalk it up to right now is his teeth. He is working on two top teeth and they are giving him such troubles. Cole was great all day! He loved getting to play with his buddy Landry.


The Whitehead Family with their newest edition, Hayden. AKA…Gavin’s sweet little girlfriend.


Kylie set up a little table for just Cole and Landry to eat at. They did great! We deemed Cole’s plate a “happy plate” because he ate it clean! Blake ate at the table with us, but unfortunately this was the last picture I took all day!! Don’t you hate when that happens?


Kylie and I shared the cooking which was nice and we were a team on dishes. The guys watched football and the kids played {well, Blake cried}. We eventually called it a night when Blake was just inconsolable. Luckily the Whiteheads just live on the next street over so it was a quick drive home. Dressed everyone for bed and then Brooks and I got to spend some quiet time together. I also had to snap a quick picture of my new car! When we found out we were pregnant with number 3 we knew we were going to need a new car. My previous car was an Infiniti QX56, but we had captains chairs for the 2nd row and that just doesn’t work with 3 car seats. We had been looking at all of our options {except minivans} Sorry! I am sure they are fabulous, convenient and awesome…but I just couldn’t do it! Brooks went down by himself on Tuesday night to “talk” to the sales guy and test drive one more time. I got a call around 8:30pm to load the boys up and come down to sign paperwork and trade my car in. I have to say I love my new car! I have the best hubby! It’s still going to be work with 3 car seats, but we will make it work.


4 sweet comments:

Holly said...

Aw, I can't believe #3 will be here this week!! And I love your updated QX! P.S. I totally agree about the 'no' mini van rule.. bleh.

Renee and Ryan's Book said...

Cole was definitely the cutest Indian and it's adorable that he's thankful for Gavin. What a sweet big brother he will be! And, you look beautiful at nine months!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Cole so shiny up there made me tear up (what in the world?), Blake crying the whole day made me laugh (sorry, I have no idea why! maybe b/c I relate!!), your hair just looks SO good like that, and i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve that car!!!!!!!!! You are one lucky girl!!

Caden and Mommy said...

LOVE Cole at his school performance! Isn't it fun to watch them come out of their shells. Caden is so much more confident at school this year vs last year.
Hooray for the new car that nicely accommodates your family of five :o) Lucky Girl!