Dec 18, 2011

annual “breakfast” with Santa

Our friends, the Whiteheads, had their annual breakfast with Santa, but this year it ended up being dinner with the big guy due to some booking issues. Nonetheless, fun was had by ALL! Well, maybe not all {see second picture}. I’m hoping Mr. Blake has a different opinion next year. I think every child should have the obligatory crying with Santa picture and this one didn’t disappoint. Cole was very excited to meet Santa and since he was at Landry’s house it made it that much more special.


I thought this next picture was just too funny to crop. I had to drop him in Santa’s lap and remove him quite quickly. Santa was just trying to give Blake his gift, but he didn’t care.


Cole waited SO patiently for his name to be called! He was very excited to open his new batman helicopter.  The kids sat and listened very well to the story behind the candy cane and why we hold it upside down. Then, we sang a few Christmas carols and the big guy was on his way back to the north pole.


We look forward to this party every year! Kylie definitely knows how to throw a Christmas party!

5 sweet comments:

Melody said...

such cute pictures! Your boys are just too precious and that second picture is just hilarious!!

Michele McDonough said...

So cute! Where did you find those adorable sweaters your boys are wearing?

Kerri said...

wow it's funny how when I was a kid the santas with their fake beards and fake hair fooled everyone. Now a days santa's are the real deal....just amazing. Love your family photo, you're amazing for just having a baby and looking that good! (show off, lol)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Coles little look of wonder kills me. And girlfriend. Your hair color is amazinnggggg.

Caden and Mommy said...

When I first looked at these Santa pictures I was thinking oh my gosh where did she find such a cute Santa backdrop. Cause usually the mall backgrounds are pretty cheesey! You friend Kylie's house looks amazing. I love her colors and Christmas decorations!
I also must say I am a little jealous that the windows are open in the background of the family picture! Dan may be smarter then I know. Living in the south might not be too bad afterall. I think I could get used to windows open in December :o)
Your family is so stinkin cute! I love the boys matching t-shirts. So fun!!! ... and you dont even look like you recently had another little one. Amazing!