Dec 28, 2011

my budding photographer

Thanks to Uncle Chris, I have a future photographer. This child loves taking pictures! It’s not uncommon for me to find my iPhone with about 20 pictures of random things around the house. A few things I have found pictures of are: the food in the pantry, the dog food bowls, trashcans, his cars and a ton of his face from the nose up! So for Christmas Cole received this sweet little camera from my brother. I can’t wait to see what he takes pictures of next!

IMG_8989 copy

4 sweet comments:

modern Suburbanites said...

so adorable!

Val said...

What an amazing image!!

Hayley said...

Santa brought my daughter the same camera (except in pink/purple) and she LOVES it!!! She's been snapping pictures left and right!

Caden and Mommy said...

I love that Cole and Caden have the same interests ... reassures me that my kid isn't too crazy. Caden loves snapping pictures as well. He figured out the camera on my new iPhone before I even attempted to. ... and yes, I too have a thousand pics of misc toys and furniture on my phone :o)

That vtech camera looks nice. Good Job Uncle Chris! Caden got the Fisher Price camera a couple years ago and he has a hard time holding onto it. Its kind of bulky.

Awesome Picture!