Dec 31, 2011

Santa came!

This year was extra special having our complete family together. Santa didn’t go overboard and it was perfect! The boys had plenty to open from our families and a few extra gifts from mom and dad. The nice thing about having all boys and pretty close in age is that they are into the same things so Santa just put it all out. They had so much fun running in to see what the big guy had left them. Cole was extra excited because he really understood which makes Christmas that much more fun!

IMG_8766 copy

We left Santa some chocolate chip cookies {we forgot the reindeer’s carrots..oops!} and Cole wouldn’t let us forget milk for him to drink. Next year I promise to have plates for the other boys, but mommy just wasn’t on her game this year!

IMG_8773 copyIMG_8767 copy 2IMG_8781 copy  IMG_8785 copy

Blake even received his very own big boy chair!! He had a small chair that we used for his monthly pictures the first year of life, but it was time for an upgrade! He will be passing the little chair down to Gavin. This chair now has a nice home right next to Cole’s in the media room.

IMG_8798 copy2IMG_8801 copyIMG_8813 copy

Gavin just hung out on the couch while we did our morning festivities. He was quite content just watching everyone.

IMG_8802 copy

Sweet big brother Blake is just crazy over the newest addition! He seriously loves to hug and kiss on him…a little too much! You really have to watch this one! He doesn’t know what “gentle” is yet.

IMG_8821 copy

We decided to take a Christmas morning dip in the hot tub while Gavin took a nap. The boys were so excited since we haven’t been swimming in quite a while. Now that I’m not pregnant, we were able to really heat up the water. It was so much fun and the boys were ready for naps when we got out.

IMG_8832 copy  IMG_8836 copyIMG_8841 copy  IMG_8854 copy

Daddy cooked us a SUPER yummy meal of bbq ribs and all the trimmings to go with them! It was a very relaxing Christmas at home for us this year. Hopefully next year we will get to spend it with family, but I had my four boys and that’s all I need!

6 sweet comments:

The Leonard Four said...

seriously my friend...those boys are DANG CUTE! so glad that y'all had a nice holiday! happy new year!

Kerri said...

i am quite amazed at how after just having a baby you can be so put together! you look amazing, your family looks good and you have time for pictures....outstanding!

Erin said...

Such sweet, sweet pictures and clearly a very memorable holiday for your family

Jen Weisser said...

Looks like a perfect relaxing Christmas!!

Sarah said...

Hi, Katie! Just reading your blog for the first time... What a beautiful family you have! Your kids are just adorable. Congratulations on your newest addition :)

Anonymous said...

I love the way the plate was put cute!