Jan 8, 2012

Bend it like Beckham

Cole started an indoor soccer league on December 4th. We weren’t sure what to expect since this is our first organized team activity we have been apart of. Cole was beyond excited to play with his best friend, Porter! We went out and picked out his indoor soccer shoes, shin guards and shorts! The shin guards did take a few modifications to fit his legs, but we made it work! Daddy took him to pick out his very own soccer ball…red of course…so they could start practicing. It’s so fun to see Cole run his little heart out!

group pictureIMG_7550 copyIMG_7553 copy

IMG_7518 copyIMG_7532 copyIMG_7533 copyIMG_7537 copy

Gavin was just 4 days old at Cole’s first soccer game! He just slept the game away all snug in his car seat.

IMG_7525 copyIMG_7560 copy

6 sweet comments:

Amanda said...

Omyword! What a cute little run he has and its only in pictures! I think when my kids are finally doing those extra activities, I will probably cry on their first day. Yeah, Im one or those mamas :)

Jennifer said...

Omigosh! Sooooo cute! Yay number 2!

Holly said...

Ohhh my... he is the cutest soccer player ever!! I can't wait to cheer on my boys at sporting events!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

OMG! What a cutie he is in his uniform! Looks like he loves playing soccer! Go Cole!

Renee Joyce said...

He is too cute in those sweet little shin guards! How fun it ,use be to get the family igether and cheer him on! I love little ones and sports!

Caden and Mommy said...

SO cute! Caden played soccer last winter. It was an eight week session. He loved the first four weeks. However the two after that were a struggle and he didnt even want to go to the last two. We think he may have got discouraged because he was always the last one to finish the running drills :o(
The new session started last week, when I asked if he wanted to try again he said yes .... but then he has this awful cough, so we didnt go. We will try again next week.
You will have to let me know how Cole continues to like it!
The pictures are so stinkin cute and you can tell Brooks is so proud!