Jan 2, 2012


We had a very sleepy house! We were hanging upstairs when I kept calling for Blake to come into the playroom. I thought he was ignoring me and went on the hunt to find him. He had fallen asleep sitting up in the media room! Sweet boy! That’s what he gets for waking up all hours of the night! One tired little guy. I ended up just lying him down on a pillow and covering him up with a blanket to let him rest for a little while.


It isn’t uncommon to find this little one to be catching some z’s quite often, but when I saw his little toes sticking out of his blanket I had to take some pictures.

IMG_8994 copy  IMG_8992 copy

Later that day, Cole asked if he could watch some cartoons in my room. His new favorite thing is to bring a pillow to the end of the bed and use the footboard as his foot rest. He even snagged Gavin’s blanket when he got chilly. Both Gavin and Cole took a nap in my room together while Blake and I played in the other room {since he wasn’t tired after his early morning nap}.

IMG_8998 copyIMG_9000 copy

Honey fell asleep in the game room while there was mass chaos around her. I guess after all these years she is able to just tune it out. I’m pretty sure Riley was fast asleep right next to her.

IMG_8900 copy

Guess who didn’t get a nap today? Yep! you guess it…Mom! Usually everyone naps at the same time, but we just had a really random nap day.

5 sweet comments:

Amanda said...

oh how I miss naps! It seems you have some very comfy places to fall asleep. I would have fallen asleep myself had I been sitting on any of those comfy looking chairs/beds. Cute post!

Jordan and Kim said...

Love all the updated posts lately Katie! Your family is so sweet and I love reading about your many adventures!!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog posts!! It inspires me to start a blog one day...maybe sooner with my PL stuff or maybe later, once I have little ones to blog about. Your boys are absolutely precious!!!! Happy New Year Katie :)

~Katie Shippee

Renee Joyce said...

How sweet! I can't resist Logan's little baby feet either. I kiss those little tootsies whenever I get the chance. I love Cole's TV watching position- so clever.

Caden and Mommy said...

ahhh, now I want a nap. :o)