Feb 5, 2012

the babies

On Saturday, Brooks and Cole spent the afternoon together. They got their haircuts, went to the bbq store, had lunch at Raising Canes and went shopping for some new kids club furniture at the gym. While they were out spending some daddy/son time together, I got to spend some QT with my babies. Blake is such a little LOVE and loves to kiss baby Gavin. Blake is kind of a hot mess in these pictures since I hadn’t brushed his hair yet, but these are real life. This is usually how we spend our time together. Playing upstairs in the playroom. I can’t wait to see this little guy running and playing with his older brothers.

IMG_0719 copy 3IMG_0746 copyIMG_0743 copyIMG_0772 copy IMG_0774 copyIMG_0790 copyIMG_0812 copyIMG_0813 copy

2 sweet comments:

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

AMAZING PICS AS ALWAYS!!!! The black and white ones of Blake are so precious!

Kim said...

I've been so behind in blogging. Just know I check in and your three boys just steal my heart. They are precious. And even a hot mess Blake is ridic cute.