Mar 9, 2012

3 months | 13 weeks

Goodness, three months has just flown by! You FINALLY started smiling and cooing towards the end of this month. You had us worried for awhile, but I guess you just like to do things in your own time. You have sporadically started to sleep through the night. You even did a three night in a row stretch which made your mommy very happy!! You chose my birthday {your 3 month birthday} to sleep from 8:30-7!!} What a wonderful present that was! You spit up SO much! We usually go through most of our bibs and burp clothes throughout the course of a day and possible an outfit change or two for both you and me! Good thing for washer machines. Your brothers are so sweet with you! Cole will even wipe the spit up from your mouth if he notices it. Now that is love. Your neck muscles are getting stronger and stronger! You don’t mind tummy time while you watch your brothers play, but when you are finished you let us know. To say you are a chunk is an understatement! You love your bottles! You drink one every 3.5 hours and they are usually around 6 oz each. Toward the end of the month you were even able to polish off an easy 8 oz. Good thing I love a boy with some rolls because you have plenty for me to love on. Your sweet little giggles are amazing. Music to my ears. When you wake up, I love to see you light up with the sight of my face. You know who your mommy is. We all love so much little man!

love, mommy


3 sweet comments:

RedusRN said...

What a beautiful baby! All your boys are precious! Happy Birthday, btw! Love your blog!

Kerri said...

he is beauiful!! great pictures!

Anonymous said...

he's getting so big so fast!! very handsome little man! you need a girl katie! hehe :)