Mar 8, 2012

a party to end all parties

Well, I turned 30 last week! Eeek!! To put it mildly we had a BLAST! For the past month or so my friends and husband were in party planning mode! All I knew was to be ready by 7 pm. My amazing babysitter who has moved away even drove home to watch my boys for the night! At 7:00 a party bus pulled up to our house and I walked on to find my brother had flown in from California to surprise me!!! I haven’t seen him since he moved back home last June. My husband was full of surprises! ALL of my favorite people were on that bus! We had about 20 couples that came out to celebrate my birthday. I felt so much love! The bus took us to a yummy dinner at Nick and Sam’s grill and then next door was a piano bar. I LOVE me some piano bar! They even had me go on stage and sit on the piano as they sang me a song about menopause! ha! There was a delicious chevron designed cake with my favorite lemon that my friends ordered! We partied the night away. Between the two cameras we had that night there were around 600 pictures taken! Here are just a few that I think everyone would be okay with me sharing on this little blog of mine. A HUGE thank you to my amazing husband for throwing me the BEST 30th birthday party! I have to also thank my girls, Kylie and Amanda for helping him plan it! Y’all did an amazing job! One of the husbands commented, “it’s a good thing you only turn 30 once, because I don’t think I could handle this again!” Ya, it pretty much sums up our night. We had a fabulous time just being together! Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved!!


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5 sweet comments:

The Rodriguez Crew said...

loved seeing the pics!! The picture of you and brooks dancing, with the guy making the hilarious face over y'all was definitely my favorite. :) You looked awesome, and what a FUN memory to have forever!!!

Brandi said...

Happy birthday!! You look so happy! Love your outfit, hottie!!!!!

Kelly said...

Happy late birthday! Looks like you had a blast on your 30th. I will be making that jump in two weeks. :)

Holly said...

I love all of the pictures!! That is so awesome that Chris flew in to surprise you! I'm so glad you had an awesome 30th..I just wish we could've celebrated together like the old days! ;) Now I need to find motivation to blog about mine, ha!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Girl......looks like a fabulous 3-0! You look BEAUTIFUL! I loved turning 30! Eddie threw me a huge birthday bash and then he took me on a 14day HAWAII/ Vegas trip! This was before we has our kids though! Best wishes for a happy and healthy year! Xoxo