Apr 6, 2012

I’m going to the zoo, zoo…how about you, you?

Brooks’ sister came into town to meet our sweet new addition! We decided to take the boys to the Dallas Zoo! This was Blake and Gavin’s  first trip to the zoo and all of our first time to the Dallas Zoo. I must say that I prefer The Dallas Zoo to the Ft. Worth Zoo! The Savannah exhibit was awesome! We practically had the place to ourselves so the boys were able to run around freely and see everything they wanted to. We didn’t see the entire place since it was getting late and Blake was running on fumes and Gavin needed to eat, but we had a great time!!



Our little tour guides deciding where to head next. Cole was obsessed with the map! We finally had to take it away from him so he would focus on the animals we were seeing now and not where he wanted to go next. His mission for the day was to see the Rhino!! ha! Once we got there, he didn’t really care that much.


Gavin has a new found hatred for his carseat, so I was SO glad we remembered to bring the front carrier. Brooks and I took turns carrying him around when our backs started to hurt. I did forget a hat for him so I had to improvise. I didn’t want him getting sunburned!

IMG_3000IMG_3021IMG_3008 IMG_3022

We got to feed the giraffes which are my favorite!! For $5 you could buy some lettuce and they would come right up to you. The boys weren’t sure at first, but they ended up loving it!


Notice the Cheetah in the right hand corner! Probably as close as we will ever get to this giant cat!


Sweet bubba passed out on daddy! We transferred him to the stroller to take a quick catnap while we ate lunch, but for the most part he was awake the entire trip!!


Cole was SO excited to ride the camel!! His name was Matthew and he was very sweet! Blake wanted to ride so bad, but you had to be two years old and he isn’t quite there yet. Poor guy did not understand and cried in his daddys arms. Luckily he was able to get past it as soon as Cole was done.


We ended the day eating a yummy dinner at Babe’s and getting a picture of Aunt Jen with all three boys! It was such a fun day! Thank you Aunt Jen for taking us to the zoo!!!


5 sweet comments:

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Looks like good times at the zoo! Doesn't the baby bjorne rock!!! xoxoxo

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I love the shot of Gavin passed out! Adorable! :)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I could say a million things about these pictures!! Blake looks like Cole when he's standing by himself, yet Blake and Gavin look just alike in so many pictures! I bet people make comments to y'all constantly b/c of how cute you are!! Gavin is a little CHUNKER!! I freaking love it!! Great pics, love seeing you in there too!!

Caden and Mommy said...

Love Cole in front of the glass case with the cheetah and his cheesy smile. also love him on the camel. Looks like a fun trip ... I feel like a bad mommy, I still have never taken Caden to the zoo. Fail!
Adorable Boys!

Aunt Jen said...

Oh I love the pictures!!! Miss my boys, and you guys, soooo much! Love you!