Apr 27, 2012

my little van gogh

Pretty recently Cole’s imagination has really taken off. He was never really interested in coloring or art projects. He would just scribble some colors on a paper to appease me. A few months ago, Cole handed me a white piece of paper with a drawing on it. I was amazed! It was a dragon with fire coming out of his mouth and a tree next to him. I could tell what it was he drew! Since then he will go spend time on his own in the office. I bought him a little table and chairs and I always leave out the crayons and markers so that he can color whenever he wants. I just love to see his imagination at work.


2 sweet comments:

Jane said...

he is SO cute! Camden has that shirt too:)

Katie said...

Looks like Cole is going to be creative like him mom! Is this your playroom in the background?? Would love to see more pics, it looks super cute!