May 2, 2012


Boy or boy do I love my boys…BUT when it comes to taking their pictures I am asking for trouble!! I can usually get 2 looking cute {usually Cole and Gavin}, but then there is that third one who always gives me trouble. Take a look and see for yourself….

IMG_3862 copyIMG_3886 copyIMG_3907 copyIMG_3936 copyIMG_3963 copyIMG_3967 copyIMG_3915IMG_3987 copyIMG_3997 copyIMG_3999 copy

2 sweet comments:

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Those boys are so freaking handsome! I can't take it! Super, super, cute!

Miss Tweedle said...

These pictures are so darn cute. Thanks for making me smile!

~ Katie from Canada