May 27, 2012

our very first graduation!

Cole graduated from PreK last week!! Well, he will be returning in the fall for transitional kindergarten so we will be doing this all over again next year, but it was fun to watch! His preschool put on such a wonderful ceremony. We were the second graduation of the day so it was much smaller of a group which was nice. Each child was able to walk all the way down to the stage and have their moment. Once on stage they sang a few songs and then excited the stage. Each class then came out and sat in chairs awaiting their turn. The director of the preschool said a sweet little message about each kid. Cole got “Mr. Prayer Leader” since he loves to lead the class in prayer at lunch time. They walked across stage and got their “diploma” and his teacher moved his tassel. It was all very sweet. They hosted a cake reception in the gymnasium afterwards where we were able to take some pictures and purchase the sweet little picture you see below of Cole in his cap and gown. The photographer asked me for my child's name and when I told her Cole Johnson she immediately told me how much she loved him! She said they all fell in love with him while taking his picture. It made me feel so good. I love when others can see the beauty of him in just a short while of knowing him. I guess they had to order Cole a new hat that fit so the photographer came back to retake his picture since she wasn’t happy with it. Look how adorable it came out!!

I turned in a baby picture of Cole and they made a slideshow that played during the ceremony of each child next to their baby picture. Gosh, I remember this picture of Cole so well. He was such a happy little baby!! Not much has changed as he is becoming a big boy!


Gavin woke up just in time to watch his big brother walk across stage! We left Blake in his class so we could enjoy this moment and not be chasing our sweet Blakey boy around everywhere.



After graduation we took all the boys out for a fun hibachi lunch! Cole loves to use chopsticks!

2 sweet comments:

Jennifer said...

That is so increadibly cute and reminds me of my boys' graduations! He is always to "smiley" which is awesome..However, I do love the deep concentration during the chop sticks!!! Congrats graduate!

Anonymous said...

What a cute graduate!!! I know we're doing this again next year but I still got teary eyed and all!! And mr prayer?!? Seriously that melted my heart!!! Lol about leaving Blake in class haha good move momma