Aug 11, 2012


That’s right! This big boy turned FIVE! It’s amazing to think that five years ago this little guy made me a mommy for the first time! I can’t begin to describe how much I love this boy. He is sweet, loving and just an all around goof ball. He loves his brothers {and loves to torment one of them}, but overall he is the coolest kid I know. Cole makes friends everywhere we go with his outgoing personality and kind heart. He isn’t starting Kindergarten this year, but I know he is going to rock transitional kindergarten. Every night as I tuck him into bed I ask, “How much does mommy love you?” and he always replies with, “to infinity and beyond!” That’s right little man…and I always will!!

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We decided to have Cole’s birthday party on his actual birthday during the weekday at Splitsville! He could not wait to bowl with all of his friends! We had 16 of Cole’s friends show up and it was complete chaos, but the kids had a blast. I think the hardest kid there was our sweet Blakers. Poor Brooks was chasing that kid all around the bowling ally. Sweet Gavin was passed around the other mommies during the party and never made a peep! Such a happy boy!

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I tried to get a cute group picture, but we are missing a few of our friends. I think one of the most precious things as Cole gets older are the true friendships he makes. The friends he wants to play with.

IMG_7131 copyIMG_7147 copyIMG_7152 copyIMG_7172 copyIMG_7190 copy

After the party we headed home to take some naps and then headed out for Cole’s swim lessons. For Cole’s birthday dinner he picked hibachi grill. All of the boys loved it! BUT Cole couldn’t wait to get home to open his presents from his friends! He got so many really fun presents. We had such a fun day celebrating our oldest!

6 sweet comments:

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday to Cole! My little man turned 5 as well! I LOVE those birthday shirts, can you tell me where you got them from?

modern Suburbanites said...

adorable photos!

Lyla Our Little Miracle said...

Happy birthday Cole!!!! Looks like he had a great birthday with great friends!!!
Just curious......why isn't he going to Kindergarten? Is that something that occurs in Texas?

Brandi said...

Happy birthday to your little cutie!!!!!!

Lainey-Paney said...

What a perfect birthday!

Kara said...

Happy birthday Cole! The pictures and stories from Blake always crack me up because we are always in the exact same phases with Hannah! We were at a bowling ally with her a few months ago and whew....such work chasing her about!