Aug 27, 2012


After naps the boys were all in my room playing and since I feel like I never take my “real” camera out anymore I decided to snap some pics of my youngest little guy! He’s growing up so quickly and I don’t want to forget how squishy and happy and sweet he is!

IMG_8116 copy IMG_8146 copy

IMG_8175 copyIMG_8152 copy IMG_8161 copyIMG_8209 copy IMG_8221 copyIMG_8261 copyIMG_8244 copy

After dinner we walked over to the duck park to feed them some bread. There are 3 geese that like to rule the pond and can be really mean! Cole and Blake weren’t sure about them and a few times they charged us! If you see tears….it means the Geese were on the attack!

IMG_8270 copyIMG_8274 copy IMG_8280 copyIMG_8296 copyIMG_8303 copyIMG_8310 copy IMG_8316 copyIMG_8319 copy IMG_8321 copyIMG_8322 copyIMG_8324 copyIMG_8329 copyIMG_8331 copy IMG_8336 copy 2IMG_8344 copy 5

2 sweet comments:

Sarah Condon said...

Great pics!! I got chased by geese when I was little too-- brings back memories!! Your boys are so precious.

Kelly said...

Love the pics! Man does Gavin look like Blake.
Question, do you use an external flash on your camera? If so, may I ask which one?