Aug 18, 2012

picture overload

I’ve been a bad blogger lately so here is a little picture dump from the past few days. We moved the pack n play outside on the patio so Gavin has a safe little place to crawl around and play with his toys. His brothers love to jump in and play with him. Cole got a sweet new pair of golf clubs for his birthday so daddy took him in the back yard to take a few practice swings. Lets just say daddy needs to learn a little more patience and Cole needs to learn how to stop and listen. haha!

IMG_7713 copyIMG_7715 copy

IMG_7448 copyIMG_7456 copyIMG_7461 copyIMG_7472 copy IMG_7481 copyIMG_7488 copyIMG_7494 copyIMG_7496 copyIMG_7520 copyIMG_7533 copy

IMG_7421 copy

IMG_7272 copy  IMG_7273 copyIMG_7288 copyIMG_7291 copyIMG_7300 copyIMG_7302 copyIMG_7305 copy

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