Sep 9, 2012

a little late

The family took a 2 hour walk today {we got lost}, but the good part was I found an awesome location to take pictures of my boys and since I’ve been needing to take Cole’s 5 year pictures and Blake’s 2 year old ones I thought it would be perfect to do it tonight! The boys were so good for me…except for Gavin. Teething can be hard on a little guy! I even included a few outtake pictures for a few laughs on what my life is really like at home with 3 boys! I feel so blessed that these amazing boys call ME mommy!!

IMG_8850 copy IMG_8863 copyIMG_8923 copy 2IMG_8935 copyIMG_8998 copy IMG_9020 copyIMG_9117 copyIMG_9074 copyIMG_9046 copyIMG_9126 copyIMG_9124 copyIMG_9034 copyIMG_9136 copyIMG_9145 copy 2IMG_9173 copyIMG_9175 copy

1 sweet comments:

Kylie said...

Love them and I really like the dark hair!