Nov 11, 2012

3rd annual

We had our 3rd annual neighborhood Halloween party! We rented a HUGE bounce house complete with obstacle course! There was 3 piñatas…I mean, who doesn’t love a piñata? The kids sure did! We had tons of yummy food and all the kids in their Halloween costumes! At the end of the night we kicked all of the kids out of the bounce house…threw off our shoes and separated into two mommy teams. We raced each other in the course and unfortunately, my team lost! boo! It ended with one mommy heading to the ER the next day with a minor concussion and whip lash! Sheesh! We take it pretty seriously! I didn’t get too many pictures of the kids this year since I had a baby in my arms and a husband inside watching the Cowboys game. Annnnd, please excuse the poor excuse of a moustache drawn on Cole! Both he and Blake flipped over me drawing it onto their face and it was pretty much a disaster!!

IMG_0922 copyIMG_0747IMG_0768 copyIMG_0838 copy 2IMG_0885 copyIMG_0892 copyIMG_0906 copy 2 IMG_0890 copyIMG_9774

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Jennifer Stahl said...

I am so sorry to post on your personal blog, but my Polkadot button on my blog doesn't work and I have emailed you several times on the email address I had for you. Do you mind emailing me at so I can have you update my blog page? If not, could you tell me how to do it? Thanks so much, jennifer stahl