Nov 4, 2012

yabba dabba doo!!!

This year kylie and I decided to dress our families up as the Flintstone's and the Rubbles! We thought it was perfect for our little sweeties! The older kids still got to pick out their costumes so everyone was happy…well everyone except the dads! haha! They weren’t thrilled to be wearing a dress like costume and both agreed that they get to pick out the costumes next year. Saturday we attended our neighbors annual Halloween party and just dressed the babies up so we could get pictures with them. I’m pretty sure Kylie’s hair still has streaks of orange in it!

IMG_0517 copy IMG_0534 copyIMG_0545 copyIMG_0564 copyIMG_0573 copyIMG_0591 copyIMG_0682 copyIMG_0627 copyIMG_0669 copyIMG_0688 copyIMG_0693 copyIMG_0700 copyIMG_0707 copyIMG_0714 copy

2 sweet comments:

Sarah Condon said...

Love the costumes!!

Jamie said...

What a cute idea! Love the costumes!