Dec 15, 2012

Good bye old friend

The day after Gavin’s first birthday we said good bye to our sweet pup, Riley. A few weeks ago he started having some urinary issues so I took him to the vet to be checked out. We were shocked to find out he had cancer. We had many tests ran to confirm this finding and sure enough it was true. We were devastated. Brooks and I agreed that we wouldn’t do chemo and Riley started going down hill quickly. He stopped eating and lost a lot of  weight. He also had no control over urinating which meant our house was becoming a toilet. It was heartbreaking to look in his eyes and know he wasn’t feeling well. He was such a good friend to us. Brooks and I adopted him a week before our wedding. He was only 8.5 years old and it was one tough decision to say good bye. Thankfully our good friend is a veterinarian and he was able to peacefully let our buddy go. I miss always having him under my feet or barking at anything and everything that walked past our house. The boys are thankfully too young to understand. Every once and a while Cole will ask for him and tell us he misses Riley. Our Honey girl hasn’t been too affected, but I know she misses him at night. They were ALWAYS together. It didn’t matter if we had 5 dog beds they were always in the same one laying on top of each other. She was like his mom. We captured a few pictures the night before we say good bye. So thankful for you Ri. You were the best puppy around!

IMG_2715 copyIMG_2730 copy

2 sweet comments:

Brandi said...

What a little cutie!!! I'm sooo sorry for your loss!!!!!!

Anosh Alassi said...

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