Apr 2, 2013

A little self timer

We don’t get many pictures of our family all together and when we do you can always count on someone crying! That’s life with 3 little boys five years old and younger! We set up the self timer and snapped away!


3 sweet comments:

Brandi said...

Lord have mercy, cutest family ever!!!!!!

Kerri said...

look who posted!! cute pictures, you look great!

Anonymous said...

Above the outside beauty you all share, I can see an enormous beauty, emotion, believe, strenght and union, inside.

I´m pleased to have found your blog. I will follow it and I´m glad to share experiences.

My daugther is Clara, she is now 8 months old and she has achondroplasia.
Our site is www.beyondachondroplasia.org.

There, we share Clara growth, discovers, achievments, health issues and we talk about achondroplasia and all around it.